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As the Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to work from home, user researchers, UX designers and product managers had to look for tools and methods to run user tests, interviews and workshops remotely.

As we have users across three continents, we’ve been trialling remote user testing for several years. But we’ve had to scale and adapt processes and tools to make sure we can continue to test new design decisions and incorporate users’ feedback during 2020.

A standard user-centred design process is not new in our industry — but what is…

Nemo Science Museum, the venue of Interact Amsterdam 2019. In case you wonder what you are looking at

And other takeaways from Interact Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam. Aside from the occasional hit n run for a broodje rookworst on Schiphol Airport, I had not been downtown for the last 6 years. Quite a long time, considering I worked and part-time lived in this artefact of the past for nearly a decade. This time however, I had a good reason to visit the capital of Holland: It was the very first edition of the Interact conference.

I worked on a few projects some years ago with the agency which was organising the event: Nomensa; and have been following the company and its events ever since. It is…

Thoughts, highlights & key takeaways

You watched the video before you started reading, right? This is Khalid. I met Khalid two months ago at the Techfugees Global Summit in Paris. Corporates, NGOs, startups, techies and refugees come together for two days during this event, in order to debate and to discuss the various uses of technology for displaced people during the time of migration until arrival in their new society. Yes, this was copy pasted from their website, sorry about that.

Khalid was there to help out Kate from Crisis Classroom. I will tell you about her and the project a wee bit more…

How to create an excellent experience on all touch points

Lets start this post with a small story. When I turned 9 years old, I got a train set from my parents. It was a birthday present and I liked it, but didn’t really play much with it. The train wasn’t going anywhere: it just went round and round and round, and actually, it was kind of dumb. Born in 1980, I would rather take my GI Joe and Battle Beast action figures and fight an imaginary intergalactic war every now and then.

A few months later my cousin gave me this huge train table, which was serious business. It…

Marathon Running & Music- Part 1

Some years ago, I guess it was just after graduating in 2006, I started running. That was pretty surprising, especially considering the fact that I hated running and sucked pretty hard at it when I was a teenager. I was and still am more into thai-boxing and thought that running was for pussies. Nevertheless though, I wanted to increase my cardiovascularity and took my dirty sneakers.

After 200 meters I had a heartbeat of 190 and thought Mike Tyson had given a sucker punch to my liver. That was pretty exhausting and I had…

Chris Rotsteeg

I focus on desirable experiences, scalable solutions and evidence driven problem solving. But most of all, I focus on people.

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